Rapid scan of

HR cost-cutting measures

As the impact of Covid-19 pandemic intensifies, HR managers face pressure to cut costs. It is clear that up until now many companies have already implemented some type of cost-cutting measures; however, a lot of uncertainty prevails. What will be the long-term consequences of the implemented cost-cutting measures? Are there still potential for cost cuts? How could they be performed better and smarter?


We want to offer help by providing support to HR managers and performing a rapid scan of HR cost-cutting measures. Just in 3 days we will perform an analysis of implemented and planned HR cost-cutting measures and prepare a one-pager, summarising evaluation of implemented and planned HR cost cuts, potential risks to be aware of and recommendations for additional cost-saving initiatives.




Price: EUR 1500 + PVN

Contact us to get a more detailed offer: hello@erda.lv