We’re in the business

of doing good

We're in the

business of doing


Our name comes from Richard Wagner's epic opera Der Ring Des Nibelungen. Opera is a cycle of four parts and lasts for a total of almost 16 hours. Even though Erda appears just twice and for a brief moment her role is critical - she is sought for advice and her predictions come true.

Our 3 pillars of success

Extensive international
Our individual expertise in strategic HR, transformations, marketing, public relations, recruiting, and business development all together makes 15+ years of team experience! Moreover, it stretches into many markets – The Baltics, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, Italy, Malta, The UK, Belarus, Georgia, and Russia.
Team excellence
We are perfectionists and high performers, and we’re not afraid to say it aloud. Your goals are our goals – we are going above and beyond to deep-dive into your case and find the best possible solution.
Great mission
Our mission is to help companies become better employers, therefore, increasing people’s satisfaction and growing the prosperity of society.

Unifying the best of four worlds

Unifying the best

of four worlds

Our strength lies in the willingness to learn every single detail about your business – our approach to making informed decisions and recommending the best solutions will always be based on real-life experiences and genuine empathy.
Constant improvement
Good is not enough for us: everything can and should always be done better. Continuous learning, driven by both curiosity and perfectionism, lies at the heart of it.
Genuine empathy
Our business starts and ends with the willingness to help and solve a problem. To do that, you have to put yourself in someone's else shoes. You have to feel the pain, to care about the challenges and to share the joy.
Full ownership
Each of us individually is in full control of our life and business. Our thoughts, words, actions, and plans are what brings us success. We take full responsibility for our projects, teams, failures, and achievements.
Beautiful mind
We like to surround ourselves and work with smart, talented people. The ability to think fast, to pull together disparate bits of information, to come up with solutions - this matters to us, in addition to the base of a well-rounded education.

The power behind it all

The power

behind it all

You've most probably

heard about us

You've most probably

heard about us

Here’s how we can work together
Here’s how we can
work together

Let’s make your business

even better!

Let's make your

business even better!

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