Employee Wellbeing, Research 2021

Apr 4, 2023
As employee wellbeing finally caught the attention of company managers, ERDA surveyed over 2000 employed people and interviewed HR professionals from all over the Baltic states to examine the main concerns of employees in the context of wellbeing.

Main concerns of employees

Main stress sources were determined and it was also discovered how they varied across different employee groups. For example, while younger generations were most concerned about their financial security and barely mentioned workload as a problem, people with a higher income level stated workload as one of their biggest burdens. Particularly managers are the ones most at risk of not taking vacations due to fear of missing out on important information or opportunities. 

TOP 5 stress sources across the Baltics
1. Uncertainty about the future
2. Financial insecurity
3. Physical health problems
4. Health problems in family
5. Workload


Are companies helping?

Despite allocated budgets, different surveys, well-being seminars, and the same benefits for all employees, most of the respondents feel that neither the company nor the management actually cares about their well-being. 

Among the surveyed employees, only 39% believe that the company cares about their well-being
Where to improve?

Within the company, the presence of those two factors below was decisive in whether employees felt being taken care of or not.

1. Understandable and easy-to-use benefits improving wellbeing - benefits available without long hours of intranet research or a two week negotiation process

2. Development of supportive management - managers who speak openly about mental health in the workplace

The past few years have really made everyone reevaluate the role of work in their life and employers can no longer ignore that. To prevent negative consequences, like unhealthy retention rates or low employee engagement, it is time to get familiar with your workforce closer.

For more detailed advice and to discover how the sources of stress vary across different employee groups or how priorities differ across the Baltic countries, download the full report.

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