Learning and upskilling in Baltics, Research 2021

Apr 4, 2023
With the battle for talent continuing to grow fiercer and fiercer, ERDA turned to 108 companies of different sizes across the Baltics to analyze their employee upskilling and learning practices. Despite the deficit of the right talent, it was concluded that companies in the Baltics are not fully embracing the possibilities emerging from investments and the development of their own inner talent pool.

Main conclusions

1) Skill building is not the priority

Contrary to global practices, companies in the Baltics are mainly focused on recruiting candidates from outside the company instead of upskilling their current employees. It was also discovered that within Latvia 41% of employees do not know what to learn to maintain competitiveness and stay useful for the labor market thus directly attributing to the unfortunate conditions for the employee skills gap only to widen. It is clear that initiative and clear guidelines from employers are essential.

2) Skill building is not approached strategically

65% of companies admitted that their approach to upskilling is not strategically built with the efforts being short-sighted and not considering the long-term strategic business goals.

3) Skill building is poorly supported by employers

4) Skill building is bringing positive effects

Despite all the challenges, the upside of investing in employees was confirmed by 76% of companies reporting improved employee productivity. 51% reported employees being more able to realize the company’s strategy and 29% of companies reported an increased ability to recruit from within the company.

To read more on the topic and for finding the current and future skill top plus the measures an employer can take to encourage participation in work-related training, download the full report.

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